Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Solar Dairy

Cheese is protein-filled and delicious. Concentrating the goodness of milk into cheddars, Gouda, and Halloumi takes energy. Ballard Family Dairy and Cheese is using solar thermal energy, and other energy upgrades, to turn Jersey milk into irresistible, prize-winning cheeses. Learn more in my story, Sunnyside of Cheesemaking, in the Fall issue of Edible Idaho South.


  1. I presented some friends in Seattle with Ballard Cheese and Hells Canyon Wine. They were so impressed with the cheese that they went online to order more! And these are older folks who might not normally order things online.

  2. Rangewriter,

    Wow! Getting people online...through cheese! It's just that good. Next thing you know, they'll get on Facebook so they can "Like" Ballard Dairy and Cheese.