Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Trader Joe’s and Walmart

Trader Joe’s

I’m checking out with a package of tortillas:
Cashier: "Just one thing?"
Me: "I only needed tortillas."
Cashier: "People come in needing one thing all the time. They check out with four bags full."
Me: "I guess I have everything I need."
Cashier: "Including will power."


Overhead at the jewelry counter:
She to he, with child in tow: "You didn’t give me enough money. I didn’t have enough left."

Salesperson: "Can I help you?"
She: "I’d like to see this one, the wedding band for $68."
He: "We haven't been able to get one yet, but we’re getting married this week."
Cashier: "Would you like to add the Protection Plan?"
He: “Sure throw it in."
Cashier: "Would you like to contribute to the Children’s Miracle Network?"
He: "Yeah, add a couple bucks."

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