Saturday, October 25, 2014

In the Boise Markets: Bring Out Your Knives

After decades of torturing my kitchen knife on grinding wheels in farm shops or scratching away at it with a whetstone now shaped like a partly-used bar of soap, I took my knife to the sharpening parlor. It got professional treatment.

Michael Givens sharpens knives, and other formerly sharp objects, most Saturdays at the Boise Capital City Market.

The Knife Sharpener let me photograph him on a dark, rainy day, while he shaped, smoothed, and buffed my knife.

An oddly-shaped, unwieldy blade I learned was a lawn mower blade sent photogenic showers of sparks flying.

When I had used up my allotted number of questions for the day, I went around to the front of the booth to pay for my better, sharper, trimmer knife. Michael's wife and co-worker asked, “You had the lawn mower blade?”

"Oh, no," I said, "That belongs to someone with a lawn--and a house.”

Michael piped up from the back, “Someone who married their favorite former boyfriend.”

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