Thursday, September 5, 2013

Catch the Wave in Boise

Someone waved at me as I drove in downtown Boise today. Yes, all five fingers. The wave has come back around to me.

I wave “thanks” to drivers who stop to let me cross the street while I’m huffing and puffing around town under my big red backpack. For the first couple of years, drivers stared through their windshield, unresponsive, when I waved.

But I’ve gotten several nice return waves in recent years. I believe my technique has improved over time, like President Clinton learning to salute the guard as he boarded Marine One. Both of our first attempts were half hearted and tentative.

Now, I send a hearty, full-arm wave to motorists. I often follow up with a shorter, “thanks again” mini wave as I reach the far curb. I wave like a woman carrying on a conversation. I often get results.

Today for the first time, a woman waved at me when I stopped to let her cross the street. I was so shocked that I stared through the windshield, unresponsive.