Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Sister-in-Law Crosses Another Thing off Her Bucket List

I baked a red velvet cake for my mother’s 88th birthday. I found most of the ingredients in her cupboards and used up the last of her powdered sugar. The way I see it, using things up and clearing out cupboards at my mother’s house will save me time down the road. She had already cleared out her cake pans and cake carrier, which I borrowed back from my niece.

The cake was one of my most successful creations: dense, bright red layers of buttery sweetness hiding under an innocent white cloak of cream cheese frosting.

My mother and I insisted that my niece and brother take ALL the leftover cake home. My niece took cake home to her roomate, Molly Pan, an actress now based in Hollywood. My brother took cake home and put it in his refrigerator.

My sister-in-law was up early the next morning to feed her vacationing brother’s rabbits before work. She opened the refrigerator, saw red velvet cake, and was back in elementary school.

She stayed home sick from school and got up in the middle of the day. Her mother had already done a half day's work. She was drinking coffee and eating cake.

The young patient's appetite improved. "Can I have some cake"?

"No. No, you can’t have cake for breakfast. You need to have cereal."

"I don’t want cereal. I want cake"!

Tears didn’t produce cake for breakfast; she had cereal. She told herself that someday, she was going to have CAKE for BREAKFAST.

My sister-in-law reached for the red velvet cake and crossed another thing off her bucket list.


  1. Delightful! A very chipper, upbeat ending to what I sense may be a bittersweet occasion. And congrats on the cake. It looks like you do this every day of your life.

  2. Rangewriter,

    Thanks. The cake was sweet and we expect the Aged P still has plenty of time to get her cupboards and closests cleaned out.


  3. Red velvet cake has been our family birthday cake for over fifty years. I'm glad the tradition continues elsewhere.

  4. Dave,

    You're way ahead of me! I only discovered the sinfully delicious treat a few years ago.