Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In Print!

Me. In print. Or in electrons, anyway.

No, I can't claim to be a professional writer, as I wasn't paid for the piece. But I didn't have to pay them to publish it, either.

Of Beavers, Rivers and the Moon is in the Twenty-second Flash in the Pan.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Five People at the Library

Short legs negotiate with uneven slabs of sidewalk. His boots drum a slow, slurred beat. Listing from side to side, his brown face focuses straight ahead. Denim jeans and jacket remember hard work. A blue billed cap shades sunglasses and a mouth missing many teeth.

An orange plastic water bottle hangs on the thumb of one hand. The other hand cradles a cell phone to one ear. A chapbook waits in the crook of her arm and a one-strap backpack hangs down her back. Burnt red trousers echo the minor color in a short print jacket that includes the orange of the water bottle.

Soccer fit, tanned legs with muscular calves end in the latest tennis shoes with low cut socks. Navy soccer shorts contrast with a girly pink fitted fleece vest, zipped in the 63 degree sunshine. Sunglasses with a brown gradient tint talk into a cell phone as she plans a meeting.

Leaning on a burgundy metal cane he smokes his last cigarette before going into the library. A Kansas City Chiefs logo fills the back of a red windbreaker over stiff shoulders. His three-point walk toward the door dislodges jeans that drift down across a square bottom to touch blue Chuck Taylor low tops.

A beach-ball belly resting atop low slung black trousers arrives first and announces an expectant mother. The expectant father talks warmly into a cell phone at her side; he is "antsy." She listens to the conversation and flips a cloth lanyard of keys back and forth beneath an exhibit of expensively curled and bleached hair.