Thursday, July 22, 2010

Taco Truck Lunch

Three tacos pastor at Taco Veloz taco truck: $3.00.
Table conversation when you, the only woman, pull up a chair at the picnic table: None.
Reliving a previous life working in Mexico: Priceless.


  1. I discovered taco trucks several years ago while on the job as a letter carrier for USPS. For a while there was one on 27th and Fairview behind the Maverick station. The promise of their tasty tacos kept me plugging away through rain, heat, and misery. At the time I don't think they even had a name. Later,they moved to States street and are now known as El Torito. I was heartbroken at losing my lunch spot.

  2. Linda,

    The taco truck by my house could easily become a habit!

    Great to hear how much you enjoyed your lunch spot. Stop by sometime and I'll introduce you to mine.